Reanie and Buddy Ezra are the help.  They run errands, help with meals, help at races, and just help.  This is their 10th summer in Belgium, all of which has been at this house in Kerkem.  It is home to them.  They spend their summers helping with the family business, which is helping racers be the best that they can be.   They’ve both attended over 200 races in Belgium.  They can also help you find the best frite stand and the fastest bumper cars at the kermesses.  Reanie and Buddy have spent time in over a dozen countries besides the US.


Reanie is 16y old.  She’s an officer on her dance team at school, and she’s one of the top throwers of discus in the state.  She will have completed her junior year of high school in Wimberley prior to this trip.  She works as a camp counselor at Rocky River Camp in the weeks leading up to the family heading to Belgium.  Reanie’s favorite place in Belgium is Brugge.  Particularly, she likes the canal boat tour, the horse fountain on Walplein, and the Tibetan and Napalese store on Mariastraat. 


Buddy Ezra is 15y old, and he will be a sophomore in high school after this summer.  He lifts weights, plays football, and he also throws the discus for the Wimberley track team.  While he doesn’t race, he does ride daily while in Belgium.   Buddy’s favorite place in Belgium is actually Kerkem itself.  He loves the views of the countryside, the quaint village, and the old church.  He also knows of some hidden cobble sections along farmers’ fields.   It’s fun to go on a ride with him and hear a local farmer shout, “BUDDY!” with a wave.