Why Us?


The purpose of our program is to help athletes get to the highest level that they are capable.   We help riders develop to their potential through coaching and by making the transition to racing and living in Europe smoother through our Belgian Racing Camps.   There have been plenty of Americans who have gone over to Europe to race who were super talented, but many have had trouble adapting to being outside of the U.S.  Some who were racing great in the U.S. had trouble adapting to racing in Europe.  We often work with those who may have been overlooked by the USAC national program, and we help them get the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to make the adjustment to Europe both on and off of the bike.  Our belief is that it is more efficient to race in Europe (Belgium, specifically) to work your way into the elite ranks than it is to crisscross the U.S. chasing the NRC races.  Instead of hoping for a composite team spot, just to compete against the domestic continental teams, all in the hope to eventually race in Europe…we go directly to Europe.   Sure, it is expensive to get to Europe, but so is doing Redlands, Tour of Gila, and other similar events.

This program exists to accelerate the learning and development curve while still being in a supportive environment.   In each session we have a mixture of guys who have been with us for years and those on their first trip.  We believe that within a couple of summers in Europe you will know if you have what it takes to make it to the elite ranks.  In the meantime, you can be hammering away at school, work, or whatever you need to do to keep moving forward overall.  

Many bike racers may want to race in Belgium as a bucket-list trip, and we can help with that as well.  Whatever your reasons to get to Belgium to race, our program is designed for both guys willing to live cleaner and work harder to make up for talent, experience, or opportunity missed by not being on the national team, as well as those who want a lifetime experience of racing in the Mecca of cycling.  We take care of all of our racers the same way—supportive, family-style, and with a focus on helping you be the best bike racer that you can be.  Our time is also enjoyed being regular tourists, a brick-oven pizza party, going to a concert or two, and sampling of Belgian beer, but it is up to the individual's goals as to the trip's level of additional flavor.

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